Doreen Ketchens: The Clarinet Queen

Welcome to the first monthly musician spotlight! Today, I'd love to introduce you to a fabulous clarinetist and musician from New Orleans, Doreen Ketchens!

I first learned of Doreen when a friend sent me a youtube video of her playing on the streets of New Orleans. I was blown away by her technical mastery of the clarinet and her absolutely soulful performance. It gave me chills! I immediately went down a Youtube rabbit hole of watching her videos; there's not a single video I've seen of her that I haven't immediately and fully enjoyed. I hope that someday I can see her play live (it's on my bucket list).

Doreen is an exemplary musician and my clarinet idol! She received classical clarinet education at The Hartt School in Conneticut, which is very evident by her exhilarating technique. She currently leads her band, Doreens Jazz New Orleans, which plays traditional New Orleans music on the streets of New Orleans, and around the world! Doreen is a music educator as well - her mission is to spread the music and culture of New Orleans to schools around and outside of the United States.

For more on Doreen, here is a fabulous video of her speaking about her career and life, which includes plenty of clips of her gorgeous clarinet playing (and singing!):

Below, I've included some of my favorite videos of her, taken from her Youtube channel:

I fully recommend listening to her music, and visit her website and Facebook page to learn more about this amazing musician! (Links below)

Visit her website:

Follow her on Facebook:

Subscribe to her Youtube Channel:

So there you have it - Doreen Ketchens - the Clarinet Queen!


Be sure to visit next week for a very important topic related to musician wellness: warm-up stretches.

Until then, happy practicing (and listening to Doreen Ketchens)!

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