Lesson Policy

Please read before signing up for lessons. 

All new students will sign a contract indicating that they understand and agree to these terms.

1. Payments: Must be paid on or before the day of the lesson.

2. Cancellations: A 24 hour notice is required for any cancellations (exempting emergencies or unexpected events). You agree to pay 50% of the lesson cost for same-day cancellations.

3. No refunds. No exceptions. I take pride in completing my services to the highest possible standards.

4. Borrowing Materials: Items borrowed must be returned at the agreed-upon date. If not returned, you will be charged for the replacement cost of said item.

5. Lateness: I will not extend lesson times for student lateness. If a student is 15 minutes late or more, I will assume the lesson is cancelled and will charge the same-day cancellation fee.

6. Preparedness: Students should be prepared for their lesson with all materials on hand and instrument out/warmed up. For online lessons, please make sure that your video angle allows me to see from your upper torso up. I am not responsible for wasted time due to video readjustments, finding materials, or instrument assembly during the lesson time. 

7. Technology Issues: I am not responsible for dropped calls or spotty reception due to technology failures. If such issues arise, we will attempt to complete the lesson in the allotted time. If it is too much of a hindrance, I will reschedule for a later time.